Wall Street Crossword Puzzle Solutions May 6th 2017

Ace's stat
Rubbed the wrong way
Mined find
Map dot
2015 World Series losers
Canine command
Leaves in
Seek an opening?
Father of Lies
'A Visit from St. Nicholas' poet
Was affected by gravity, in a way
Ordinary people
TriBeCa neighbor
It can help you look better
Developmental point of reference
Maiden name label
'Cherry Wine' rapper
Pretax line on a receipt
Player in plaid
Zone that may be restricted
Weather formation over a mountain
Do one's civic duty
Wear the crown
Work out
Crunchy snack
Switchblade ancestor
'Stalag 17' Oscar winner
Cathedral site of southwest England
It's about 100 miles south of Portland
Khrushchev's predecessor
A group of them is called a romp
Phone user, once
Clue room with a secret passage to the kitchen
Stock characters?
Eschewed the restaurant
Readied for renovation
Electronic music genre
More active
Baby shower gift
Arrowhead Stadium team
'Doggone it!'
Winter Olympics racers
Feature of rough seas
Oinker enclosure
Site for a scammer's skimmer
They may stop at the red carpet
Avian activity
Agent's cut, perhaps
Work crew
Collection of wands, swords, cups and pentacles
Lingua di Livorno
Turned white
Chinese zodiac animal
Eclipse, once
Barrel piece
Minimalist stargazing tool
Fabled flyer
Puzzler's cry
'Baseball Tonight' carrier
Guest on Drake's song 'Pop Style'
Silky singer Lou
Hockey player's feint
List-shortening letters
Catching spot
Labored (over)
Spy org. of 1960s TV
Bosox rivals
Blue, on the Amer. map
Winter Olympics racers
Missionary's handout
Screw up
Purity measure
Northeast Corridor speedster
Last remaining bit of a gingerbread man?
The Congressional Record?
Wee worker
Chase away
Printer spec no.
Breaks, say
Time and again
Priority Mail org.
Highlander, e.g.
Bring about
Hearts, e.g.
Product that works in every copier?
NPR's Hansen
Laurey Williams's aunt
Batiking supply
Trucker's surroundings
Country club worker
Rubbed the wrong way
Bad cholesterol letters
Continue with intensity
Name in a Big Apple borough
Unlikely to change
Formalwear designed to look good at the table?
Specialist in fixing escalators?
New grandparent, typically
Big Easy team
Berkshire boarding school
Tony winner Hagen
Origami creations
See 27-Across
Oxford VIP
'My stars!'
Francesco Rinaldi rival
Couldn't not
Aardwolf's cousin
Subject of a seat belt tryout?
The Big Apple
Beautiful people
NYU Stern course
MIT courses
1953 AL MVP Al
Noted two-person home
Oscar winner Mahershala
Rays slugger Longoria
Right at the start
With 56-Across, 'Full speed ahead!'
Waterbird that delivers Amazon orders?
Site of many drug dens?
Country south of Sicily
Newly weaned pig
Pilot lic. issuer
Sarandon's co-star in 'Lorenzo's Oil'
Round-the-world trip
Pulls in
Rub the wrong way
Gave a boost to

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