Crossword puzzles: great way to sharpen mind

Brain games are in trend these days because they are good ways to train one’s mind and increase IQ. Well, almost all games are good for improving the brain functioning but some games is specially designed for this purpose and crossword puzzle are one of them. Just like your body become fit with lots of exercise, just like that one’ s brain get trained when we use them continuously. If someone is a crossword puzzle champion then that person is considered very smart and somehow it is true. So, let’s see how it makes our brain sharp? 

Improves functioning of brain

We all that our brain is divided into two parts and each part is responsible for controlling the opposite of our body. But when we use our brain really hard then it will get charged and this way we become to understand things more easily. Challenging puzzles and task are like trainers for our brain and with more challenges it gets healthy and strong. 

· According to one study, those people who played this game, their brain is not affected by ageing. They are smartly equal to youngsters and problems like reasoning are solved by them in no time. 

· This makes their brain really very sharp. Besides this, when it comes to vocabulary, then they are the ultimate winners. 

· On the other hand, it will have positive impact on the memory of a person as they do not suffer from fog memory. 

Increases problem solving ability

If you ever seen brain games then you know this fact that old people are way smarter than us when it is about making right choice. Well, experience plays an important role but they the right things to do at right place. When your mind is sharp then things are clear to you and one is not in a state of confusion. Also, when we think hard then our both parts of brain start working and this happens when someone play crossword game. 

Make your focused

While playing crossword puzzle game, your hands and eyes move together which leads to working of different senses at one time. It means that all your senses are focused on one thing which increases IQ with focus. Also, if you have problem with the focusing thing then this puzzle game is must try by you. When you play this game then you will create a picture of the answer in your mind and because of this it will remain in your memory. If you like to keep yourself busy the this game is worth to play. 

So after this, let’s know how to make this game more effective for our brain and stop the ageing of our brain? 

Have company while playing the game

 In a study, it is known that more people work together take better decisions in comparison of a single person. When you play this game then you can solve it together which will not just give you new ideas but you can exchange your knowledge and thoughts. Also, try to go for the challenging puzzle as easy puzzle can be solved by you alone. 

· Because of this, your brain cells will stimulate and leads to building of connection which is new in nature. 

· Try to solve moderate puzzles and then move on to the hard one. If you directly for hard puzzles then it will not make your smarter but make your frustrate. 

Compete with other people

Competition is actually a test of your cleverness and intelligence. Competing with a smart person will let you to know about various methods which are unknown to you. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to copy the tips from Google, experienced players have their own method. There is no particular method for this game plus they are unlimited in number.

· Through it you can challenge your won brain but develop new strategies which will make you think differently. 

· Try to find someone who is interested in this game as you and give you a tough competition. But never play with new players because you will win against them off course. 

Solve it with a timer’

This will help your brain to think really fast and make fast decision.  Set a timer and then start solving it within that time, after the time is up check the number of problems solved by you. When you do that then you will notice that your problem solving speed increase with every attempt. 

· For better speed, try to right the number of words as fast as you can in a limited time. This will make your mind to remind more words at a time. Through this you will not have to waste more time in thinking about that word. 

· Another way to do it is to right the words starting with the same letter or try to make multiple words from a single word. 

Keep it interesting

If you are solving any puzzle without any interest then do not do this. Many players enjoy the game at first but as the level become different they get bored and leave the game. In this way, you will not able to improve your brain skills. 

· Solve puzzles of different puzzle editor when you become expert. As a single puzzle editor sounds boring when you are playing it for a long time. 

· Always try to bring something new in the game other than number of levels. Understating each pattern everyday leads to the training of your brain plus make you a versatile players. 

Crossword puzzle is like an anti-ageing medicine for your brain and best natural way to make it sharp. This is fun, easy and adorable way to make your smarter and intelligent. So, at least try this game once and become the fan of it. This wills not your true friend in free time but good for your mental health also which will keep your brain younger even after when you get old.