Usa Today Crossword Puzzle Solutions May 5th 2017

Brief time, briefly
Driller's paydirt
Like the runt of the litter
Roberts in the Romance Writers Hall of Fame
Bank statement no.
Suggested subtly
Whirlpool subsidiary
Be dishonest with
Where the buffalo roam, in song
Creme's place, in an Oreo
Campbell's unit
Response to a punch, in comics
South Seas wraps
Like a stick-in-the-mud
Keeps out of harm's way
Rubbernecker's look
Line dancer's topper
Symbol of immunity, on 'Survivor'
Border-crossing card, e.g.
Cheerleading routine
Diva's chance to shine
Gate hardware item
Beauty marks
Awaiting scheduling, briefly
'Not to mention . . .'
Much of North Africa
Muffin option
Bavaria-based carmaker
Fear-induced reaction
Predominant language in Miami
Mounds made by workers
Itinerary word
Miles per gallon, e.g.
Stone ___ (cavemen)
They're first, in a phrase
Nile Valley menace
Wife of Ned Flanders, on 'The Simpsons'
In seclusion
Medieval war clubs
What 17- and 59-Across and 11- and 33-Down are each 'bundled up' in
More shrewd
'LA Ink' creations, for short
Europe's most active volcano
Trace of color
Mountain goat's perch
Center of local government
'Walking in Memphis' singer Marc
Texter's 'I think'
Pre-dinner twinge, perhaps
'Who'll volunteer?'
Danger signal
Deliver a keynote, say
Affectionate sound
Tuna sold by StarKist
Invoice line
Tramp's attire
Operates a seeder
Have a bug
Bachelor's last words
Roll-call call
Spot for a dozing cat, maybe
___ of Christ (the pope)
Wield great influence
Many Eng. degrees
Go-go dancers' skirts
Does a slow burn
Submit, as an application
River of Leeds
Stamp out
Alan of 'The Blacklist'
Upheavals that result in juntas
Serve from a tap
From square one
Hand-wringer's word
Striker's bane
Grub or maggot
Cry from a crib

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