Universal Crossword Puzzle Solutions May 6th 2017

Reaches a conclusion
Cincinnati players
Sharpened, as a dull blade
365.25 days
Historic periods
One of many in a movie
'Sick' linked by a 'common article' with a 'guy' inside
Big name in the candy biz
Dirt road grooves
Any young boy
Danson of TV
Charged particle
Hunters of the 'Most Wanted'
'Sent again' with a 'catcher' in a 'music note'
Small crumbs from any meal
Santa ___
Little units of work
It can color commentary
Berra and a cartoon bear
Like thrift store merchandise
Utterances from Homer Simpson
That girl
Phenomenal star
'World travelers' whose 'gait' has 'decay'
Barrett of Pink Floyd
Suffix for maximizers
___ Zedong
___ Paulo, Brazil
Historic city of India
Winter cap flap
'Narrow thinking' that's 'not big' with 'everybody'
Like Erik the Red, e.g.
Alp cryptid
Where milk comes from
Offed, as a dragon
Play divisions
Bunch of bills
'Benz' suffix
Makes mistakes
Gas additive of yore
'And ___ what happened?'
Eyelid affliction
Like cracked-dry land
Venice financial institution
Valuable poker hand
Creative thought
Flower part
Sports result that isn't close
Mixed liquids together
Computer storage device
Definite lack of variety
Smithsonian, for one (abbr.)
Stuff to the gills
Mechanical person
The eye is one
Star on a Wild West sheriff
Type of African antelope
Nabisco cookie
Header for 'while'
Super weak, as an excuse
Put new turf on
Test type
Formal wear item
Mafia family leader
Like some paintings
Any tech thingy
Italian erupter
Floral necklace
Deep, sincere compassion
Auction off
Anastasia's father's title
Deep sleep
Domed church recess

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