News Day Crossword Puzzle Solutions May 5th 2017

Both Begleys
Solitaire stone
Iowa senator Ernst
Wright brothers' home
Former German film maker
Pest in some swarms
London-born singing star
Bring up to speed
Invite in, perhaps
Giant of the Reformation
Postproduction VIP
Sharp comment
Emeritus: Abbr.
100 centavos
Sports equipment
”Picnic” playwright
Polliwog's home
Seller of American Eagles
Result of nuking a Nestlé
Ultimate source
It means ”same”
Guy who worked for Ness
Shape of many a 58 Down
Finch creator
Some polos
Lemmon, in ”The Odd Couple”
African source of ”gumbo”
Begin a mutiny
”Jabberwocky” creatures
DKNY rival
Be discontented
Wear down
Gym bag
”It ain't over . . .” opiner
Regulatory honcho
LBJ in-law
Arduous activity
Ringo's All-__ Band
Southern side dish
Craft financed by Ferdinand
Voice of Gill in ”Finding Dory”
Metered service: Abbr.
Site serving stacks
Shorter than a maxi
Magic charm
What a podiatrist may analyze
King Salman subject
Gives a nickname to
Two-time Triple Crown jockey
Clinique seller
Block-removing game
Improve, as skills
Emoción romántica
Luau fare
British sculptor
Barstool descriptor
Extracted, as sap
Ritz Cracker alternative
Firmly fixed
Adriatic port
Talk the talk
Algerian port
Cabs' competitors
Sambuca relative
Illegal-sounding perfume
Looney Tunes regular
Slightly improper

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